Wholesale & Trade

For larger quantities of house design or customised wax seals, we offer a wholesale service.
All handmade in our London Studio and available with a bespoke self-adhesive tab (3M adhesive),
this is an ideal service if you are looking to offer wax seals or are incorporating wax seals into your brand.

Our pricing starts from 1,000 units for wax seals - This is based on a minimum quantity of each colour starting at 500 units per colour / design

We schedule deliveries to meet your needs and we deliver via DHL Courier

We can work with you to develop ranges for your seasonality or big event scheduling throughout the calendar year

Our ability to create unique and quality wax colours is also an option, our service allows a range of colours to be developed

Our customer base is varied and wide ranging as a result we cater for our European Customers by offering Pricing in € also

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